Brake Designs is a small family owned/operated business. As such, a focus on family, friends, and God is at the core of the people that make the company what it is. Our goal is not to get rich or to build a corporate empire, but to provide. To provide for our families, our futures, and our clients.



A lot of our competitors have the same tools at their disposal as we do. So what makes us unique?
-Quality work. Every time!
-Efficient turnaround!
-Our customer service culture!
The main goal we come to work with every day is to convey the sense of pride in our work and a dedication to providing our clients with something that is truly representative of them as an individual, a business, or an organization. You’re not just a number to our staff. You are a business partner that is valuable to us! We wouldn’t have it any other way!



Honesty and integrity are not just words in the dictionary that sound good, but they are the backbone of our business plan. You can’t build anything that will last if you build on less than a solid foundation. When working with Brake Designs, rest assured knowing that you are not only getting quality work from dedicated staff, but that you are also being treated fairly and respectfully! After all, we can’t exist without our clients. You are the reason we are open for business!
So, more than just a cliché, we truly are not happy with our work, until you are happy with it! That is the Brake Designs promise!